Refining Your Beer Palate Part III: Textured Goodness

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July 15, 2013 by Prost Brewing

“I don’t like it because of the texture” is a common phrase spoken when someone is trying to communicate what it is about a particular food that makes it undesirable to them. No doubt, texture can make or break a food’s palatability, more often than not serving as the deterrent of an unappetizing food. Indeed, many bean haters will agree on the undesirable texture of mushy beans, despite the somewhat tasty bean flavor. Similarly, the way that a beer physically feels on your tongue can alter a beer’s palatability substantially.

Beer Close-up : Beer Texture

Beer’s texture, also known as mouthfeel, is the result of particular variations in the brewing methods that are carefully calculated by any good brew maker. Thus, a particular beer’s texture is anything but accidental, often adding an important element to the beer’s overall signature taste. Texture instigates feelings upon the beer drinker that ultimately affects the consumer’s overall experience of a particular beer.

These feelings come in many forms, arising from the collective sensations on one’s tongue that together relay to the beer drinker feelings such as silkiness, creaminess, fullness, thinness, and oiliness. A beer’s texture can seem watery and smooth or it can be thick and chewy. Carbonation intrinsic to many summer brews can impart a fizzy texture that refreshes the palate and cleanses the tongue. Furthermore, beers that are described as having a dry texture also clean the tongue with their high tannin content from the grain’s husk that sweep the tongue dry, removing the flavors with it, and leaving the mouth to pucker just a bit.

Mouth puckering and all, beer may impart taste sensations beyond flavors. With so many textures to be felt, beer lovers have an endless array of textured experiences yet to encounter. One by one you may taste the textured goodness of Prost Brewing’s beers, noting the harmony between texture and flavor that makes for a most pleasurable German beer tasting. With a nose full of aromas and a tongue saturated with flavors and textures, you will be one step closer to refining that beer palate, an accomplishment to Prost to indeed!


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