Refining Your Beer Palate Part II

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July 12, 2013 by Prost Brewing

With a nose full of lingering aromas from all of your beer sniffing you hopefully got a chance to perform this week, it is now time for you to do some work on refining your sense of taste. After all, to have a complete beer palate, you need a good sniffer as well as somewhat educated of taste buds so that you can taste more in your beer than its delicious beer flavor.  Thus, the time has come to set any fears aside related to your beer tasting abilities, and jump right into training those taste buds. The first step, of course, is to obtain a lineup of Prost Brewing’s beers so that you can taste the differences among the beers one by one.

Prost Brewing Beer Tasting

Prost Brewing Beer Tasting

With a Prost beer in hand, you can tip that head back and let the beer flow through your mouth and across your tongue. Is the beer more sweet or more dry? Sweet sensations will occur immediately at the tip of your tongue, and are a product of the beer’s malt. Bitter, dry sensations act as a counterbalance to the sweet, adding more depth and balance to the beer that can be largely felt at the back of the tongue where bitter taste buds reside. Note the acidity of the beer that gives a sour taste sensation, sometimes making your tongue pucker. This is what gives beer its crispness that is a critical component of many refreshing summer brews.

Beer Palate

Once you have established the main bitter, sweet, and sour components of the beer, you can hone in on the specific flavors at hand. They range from fruity to floral, vegetal, spicy, buttery, smoky, grainy, and so on. If you have some knowledge of the typical German beers, then you can cheat a bit. For instance, a German Hefeweizen traditionally tastes strongly of banana and clove while a Pilsner will taste strongly of noble German hops, with their bitter, spicy, and floral taste sensations. To read up a little on the basic tastes of Prost’s beers before you get a taste, check them out here:

Refining your palate can be a simple way to increase your understanding and appreciation of the diversity of flavors of smells present in the world of beers. While it may sound intimidating to some, the basics of any beer palate are quite simple, making them approachable to any beer lover who wants to be able to define what it is that makes their Prost brew so good beyond its simple ‘tastiness.’


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