Sundays at the Beer Garden

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June 24, 2013 by Prost Brewing


Prost Brewing’s Beer Hall in Denver

In Germany, beer drinking is communal, often taking place in beer halls and beer gardens where people of every age, shape, and style can gather to enjoy a tall pint of beer amidst a convivial atmosphere.  Far different from the traditional American bar or Western saloon, German beer halls and beer gardens are not typically meant for the solo drinker.

You won’t find many single bar stools inside a German beer hall.  Long, informal wooden tables and benches are the norm, making sitting beside strangers and friends alike a given.  You might even find yourself sitting next a young child who has come with the family to enjoy the shade and company of the beer garden on a hot summer day.  In fact, Sundays are a popular day for families to gather at the local beer garden, catching up with friends and neighbors over a cold and refreshing brew.

Socializing at the Beer Garden

Socializing at the Beer Garden

Indeed, the tradition of gathering at the local beer garden goes back centuries to a time when refrigeration did not yet exist.  Before refrigeration, Bavarian brewers installed their cellars underground so that their lagering brews would stay cold during those warmer months.  To keep the sun off the top of their cellars, the brewers added in leafy chestnut and linden trees to provide ample shade.  Naturally, the brewers saw the value of such a shaded spot, adding some gravel on top along with some simple tables and chairs in order to create the informal, comfortable, and above all, communal atmosphere of the beer garden.  It was not long before the people began to flock to these shaded oases where they could sit in the shade as they enjoyed a cold brew, sometimes even looking out over a view of Munich’s Isar river below.

For those Denver-ites out there, this may appear like a fantasy, but in reality, you too can enjoy the pleasures of the German beer garden right here in Denver.  At Prost Brewing in the Highlands you can enjoy a cold German summer brew in a beer garden that looks out at the skyline of downtown Denver.  Voted as one of the top 10 brewery beer gardens in Colorado, you won’t want to miss out on this slice of German culture right in your own backyard.

Prost Brewing's Beer Garden in Denver

Prost Brewing’s Beer Garden in Denver


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