A Taste for Bitter

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June 21, 2013 by Prost Brewing

The taste of bitter may be hard to love in the beginning, but just as you have most likely come to enjoy the taste of coffee and dark chocolate, you can slowly develop a taste for the bitterness present in beer. With time, your bitter beer face will disappear, and you will find yourself slurping down a well hopped Prost Pils or a glass of Prost’s Altbier with its swift hop kick, all without a tinge of discontent.

Prost Pils

Prost Pils

An appreciation for hops is key in developing a fondness for bitter. As you might well know, hops are at the root of the bitter flavor of beer. The bitterness of the hops comes from the alpha-acids stored in the glands of the hop flower. The concentration of these acids are measured in parts-per-million in order to arrive at a IBU value used to distinguish beers based upon their bitterness levels.

Hops Close Up

However whether you do or don’t like bitter in your beer at this point, IBU may not be a good point of reference for choosing your beer. IBU’s don’t refer to the big picture, leaving out the degree of sweetness which ultimately may cancel out the taste of some of those bitter acids. Thus, the bitter-ing effect from the hops are less noticeable in beers with a high quantity of malt. These heavier beers may actually need more bitter hop to balance the flavor.

It is this balance between bitter and sweet that is the foundation of a quality brew. For a taste of a balanced bitter brew, try one of Prost’s well rounded Pils or Altbier, known for their hoppiness, and loved for their crisp, refreshing, more bitter notes. Who knows, you might just discover a liking for a little taste of bitter.

For those who do not wish to end on a bitter note, try a glass of Prost’s freshly brewed Kölsch, a delicate version of the traditional bitter summer brews.


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