Refresh with Prost’s Prized Wheat

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June 3, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Hot weather has many people reaching for a crisp and refreshing Weißbier. This beer, created by Bavarian brewmasters, was first made in the early 16th century in the Bavarian forest next to what is now the Czech Republic. Today, just about every notable German brewery makes a Weißbier produced with high-quality wheat and top-fermenting yeast.

These top-fermenting yeast produce a unique set of fermentation byproducts such as esters that lend fruity flavors and aromas often reminiscent of bananas and other phenolic compounds that smell and taste like cloves. With a relatively low hop flavor and aroma, the Weißbier is much less bitter than the strongly hopped Pilsner, allowing you to taste beyond bitter to enjoy the nuisances of banana and clove.

The most popular wheat ale categorized as a Weißbier is known as “Hefeweizen,” literally “yeast and wheat beer.” As the name makes reference to, this beer is unfiltered with brewers yeast left in suspension, adding an even more complex flavor profile.

For a taste of a Hefeweizen, head to Prost to taste Prost’s own Weißbier.  Indeed, Prost’s head brewer Bill Eye has won a number of medals for his Hefeweizen in the past, including Silver in 2009 and 2010 and Gold in 2011 at the GABF in the Southern German Hefeweizen category. Bill Eye’s Hefeweizen even won the best of show at the Colorado state fair in 2011, and no doubt, the awards will keep coming as he produces more and more Hefeweizen for Prost Brewing.


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