Prost’s German Costume Attire

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May 6, 2013 by Prost Brewing

If you had the chance to visit Prost Brewing last week, you may have seen the Prost team walking around in traditional german attire.  For those who have not visited Germany and been educated on the origin and purpose of such attire within the German lifestyle, Prost offers a brief introduction.

The men’s breeches made of leather of either knee-length or shorter are not just for sex appeal.  These “Lederhosen” breeches are often worn out of practicality, considered the workwear or leisurewear for the working class men.  Men may wear them while gardening, hiking, working outdoors, or for attending folk festivals or beer gardens.


The breeches are worn as a symbol of regional pride in Bavaria by adults and little boys alike.  Outside of Bavaria, they are considered the quintessential Bavarian garment, bringing reference to their hardy, outdoor, beer drinking culture.


The woman’s costume, while having origins in the historical attire of Alpine peasants, carries an intrinsic feminine appeal that makes it ideal for the entertaining atmosphere of a biergarten.  Always equipped with a full bodice, blouse, full skirt, and apron, the dress can either be dressed up or dressed down.  Once worn by young women in Bavaria for practical reasons, the dress is now worn to festivals such as the Oktoberfest in Munich.


At Prost, German traditions are kept alive.  Thus, when the occasion is right, you might catch sight of some traditional German costumes being showcased about.  With a Prost German spring Maibock brew in hand as you gaze out at the team of Prost workers scurrying about in German attire in Prost’s authentic German Beer Hall, you might temporarily forget that you are still in the U.S., having entered into a rich niche of German culture within Denver’s Highlands neighborhood.


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