Prost Offers An Authentically German Taste of Spring

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May 3, 2013 by Prost Brewing

In line with the extreme continental climate of Bavaria, Germany that endures frigid winters and blazing hot summers, Colorado has recently endured a roll-a-coster of temperatures and weather conditions.  Just as the days finally begin their transition from frigid cold with snow to bright and sunny with increasingly warm temperatures, Prost Brewing just unveiled its spring seasonal at the Walpurgis pop-up brewery dinner that took place this past Tuesday, April 30th.

The name of this German spring brew is “Maibock” pronounced “My Bock.”  Originally from Bavaria, Maibock is considered to be a strong bier similar to its Bockbier relatives.  However, Maibock’s golden hue does differ from its fellow Bockbiers that are typically hazelnut brown in color.  The Maibock is also drier and more bitter with a touch more of hops than a traditional bock.  Its mildly spicy hop flavors are noticeable to the normal Bockbier drinker, but still relatively low and much more mild than such German brews as the summer Munich Helles.

In Bavaria, there is a Bockbier for every time of the year with Bockbier season, or “the season of strong beer,” beginning at the end of November and lasting through the time of the Maibock in May.  Each beer follows the rhythm of the season, changing its color and strength to fit the drinking needs of the population year round.  The Maibock may still reflect its hearty cold-weather Bockbier heritage, but its lighter color and decreased strength come to more closely resemble the summer Helles, perhaps hinting at things to come.

All things considered, Maibock caters to the drinking appetites of spring.  In a welcoming and celebratory fashion, the Maibock’s brighter and lighter sensory profile will have you saying good riddance to those dark winter brews.  If you would like a chance to taste the Maibock at its freshest, head on over to Prost this weekend to enjoy Prost’s authentically German taste of spring.


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