Chase Away Winter Blues with Prost’s Newest Brew

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April 26, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Now that the sun is finally out and all of the snow from our most recent winter whirlwind is melted, Prost Brewing will be hosting a pop-up brewery dinner with chefs and culinary wizards Michael Long and Mike Burns from “Chef N’ Brew Events.”  The dinner is timely with Prost’s brewing schedule, conveniently accompanying the highly anticipated release of Prost’s Maibock bier, a.k.a. “strong spring beer.”

Maibock (pronounced My-bock) is traditionally a strong, Bavarian golden lager typically drunk during the transition from fierce winter storms to warm summer afternoons.  This beer will take center stage in the dinner appropriately named “Walpurgis” in reference to the ancient German holiday dedicated to chasing away those frosty winter ghosts still lingering about from the last two weeks of snowstorms in Colorado.

For this “spring Halloween” themed dinner, chefs Michael Long and Mike Burns have put together a menu featuring authentic German food in line with Prost’s traditionalist approach to German beer, accompanied by a touch of modern zest.  Incorporating beer into heritage recipes and cooking methods, the two chefs will be bringing dishes such as the “Dunkel braised, mustard smeared beef” to the table for both food and beer lovers alike.  Chef Michael Long is even including a recreation of a layered confection known as the “Bee Sting Cake” that he made back in his culinary school days (way back in 1989!).

In celebration of shedding our winter coats to enjoy that all too good Colorado sunshine, Prost in collaboration with Chef N’ Brews invites you and your family and friends to this seasonal dinner.  A little bit of authentic German cuisine paired with Prost’s newest brew will surely chase away those winter blues (and any winter spirits causing those blues), bringing you into the renewing season of spring in a manner of good cheer.

Check out the menu and purchase tickets at:


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