Prost Preserves & Exposes The German Culture’s Luster

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April 19, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Germans Boarding a Ship Destined for America in Hamburg, Germany's Harbor

Germans Boarding a Ship Destined for America in Hamburg, Germany’s Harbor

With a promise of land, religious and political freedom, and a fresh start, Germans took their chances in boarding a ship that would venture across the great Atlantic Ocean to America.  In the 1670s, the first German immigrants arrived to New York and Pennsylvania.  By the 19th century, 8 million Germans had arrived to the U.S.A.  Fresh off the ship, Germans strived to retain their culture in a new land, particularly their vital roots grounded in brewing beer.

Little pockets of “Germania” could be found in many of the young American cities, replete with the underlying intonations of the German language buzzing about.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and most importantly, authentic German beer, could always be found within these “Germania” niches.  In the beginning, German food was kept within “Germania” limits, but it was not long before people outside of “Germania” came to recognize and embrace the quality of German beer.  German beer quickly spread across cultural borders, and in the true American spirit, German American entrepreneurs created some of the most well known brewing industries of the time, of which many are still brewing beer today, albeit often in a more industrial fashion.

Over the years, many things German have become ‘Americanized,’ losing their authentic and unique cultural luster.  Now you can find pockets of authentic culture in even smaller niches than the German neighborhoods of the past.  Places such as Prost Brewing are today’s modern day safe havens for German culture, helping to preserve those unique cultural elements that German immigrants brought with them to America that had once formed the fabric of the German way of life so long ago.


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