In a Global Brewing Industry, Prost Keeps it Local


April 15, 2013 by Prost Brewing

As part of a commitment to staying local, Prost Brewing has continued to sell only growlers of its beer to be taken home and enjoyed outside of Prost.  Prost produces no cans or bottles, which it originally had no plans on producing from its inception.  By omitting cans and bottles, Prost significantly decreases its waste, diminishing its environmental impact, and further defining its beer as a truly local Denver beer that is even only sold locally.

Normally growlers do not last longer than 7-10 days on the shelf, and only around 2-3 days after opening.  This would have made growlers an impractical investment for Prost.  However, Prost was able to come upon a special, first of its kind machine with a counter-pressure filler that sanitizes and pressurizes the growlers in a particular way that extends the shelf-life of the growlers to a minimum of 60 days.

Growlers at Prost Brewing

Growlers at Prost Brewing

Of course, with a German bier hall themed tasting room voted one of the best tap-room destinations in the country, it would be in the best interest of Prost’s bier fans to make their weekly trip to Prost one that not only includes the purchase of a growler to take home, but makes time for sipping upon one of Prost’s freshest brews.  With a view from Prost’s patio that overlooks downtown Denver and the very community Prost serves its beer to, one gets a warm, fuzzy feeling arising from the old world values underlying Prost’s commitment to its local community.

Now that is something to Prost to, particularly with your fellow Denver community members.

To check out where you can taste some Prost outside of Prost’s award-winning tap room, check out Prost’s distribution map here.


2 thoughts on “In a Global Brewing Industry, Prost Keeps it Local

  1. esheppy says:

    I’ve seen your growlers in my local liquor store, and was wondering about the shelf life.

    Still think I would rather bring my growler into the tap room rather than buying at the liquor store, but it is nice to know there is that option.

    • Hi esheppy,

      Thank you for your question. We counter pressure fill our growlers. If kept cold and unopened your growler will have a 60-90 shelf life. Hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions. And remember, Monday’s are two for one growler days AND you receive two punches on your growler card.


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