Prost A Toast to Baseball & Denver’s Youth

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April 1, 2013 by Prost Brewing

 Biking for Baseball

With the budding of springtime upon us, you might venture to dust off that bike tucked into the corner of your garage to take it for a joy ride down to Prost Brewing this coming Thursday, April 4th for the event known as “Biking for Baseball.”  From 6 to 9 pm, a crowd will be gathered at Prost Brewing to celebrate America’s favorite past time the evening before the opening game for the upcoming Colorado baseball season.

Beer will of course be included featuring Prost’s three core craft beers: Weiss, Pils, and Dunkel.  A local food truck from El Camino Community Tavern will also be a part of this event, supplying guests with lip and finger licking tacos made with organic, locally grown mint and cilantro.

The night was organized to benefit the non-profit “Biking for Baseball” that strives to help mentor America’s youth.  Last summer, they hosted bike trips that completed 11,000 plus miles of cycling across America, making stops at every home MLB stadium on the way, in order to raise funds and awareness for youth mentoring programs.  This summer, “Biking for Baseball” will keep their efforts focused at the local level, helping to serve Denver’s youth.

Biking for Baseball

To join in on a celebration of Denver’s youth, Colorado baseball, biking, and of course, German beer, head on down to Prost Brewing to enjoy a few of Prost’s most revered beers, and take joy in providing support to Denver’s youth through “Biking for Baseball.”  This Thursday, don’t miss out on this event in which you can benefit your community with each German Prost brew you drink.  It’s a win-win situation for all.


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