Become a Monday Regular at Prost & Get Rewarded with 2 for 1 Growlers

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March 25, 2013 by Prost Brewing

While the word “growler” may signify a plethora of things, from an electronic device to a jet fighter, in the world of beer the word “growler” has come to refer to anything used to carry a fresh brew from a local brewery or pub to one’s home.  While the term “growler” has long been used, it has taken on many different forms throughout its history.  

In the time before and leading up to prohibition in the U.S., buckets were the “growlers” that transported fresh beer to people’s homes.  Adults as well as boys and girls worked their hand at the “bucket trade,” “rushing the growlers” on long notched wooden pools that they would sling over their shoulders as they quickly completed their rounds around town, delivering beer straight to people’s doorsteps.

Growler Buckets on the Bar

Growler Buckets on the Bar

The hard working beer delivery boys, girls, and men were often known as “bucket boys” or “kesseljunges,” the German term actually used in places like Milwaukee where many German immigrants lived.  Often making just 5 to 15 cents at most, per bucket, the bucket boys and girls had to take several trips back and forth in order to earn a decent wage.  When prohibition rolled around, growlers and the bucket trade at large were outlawed in many communities, making the term “bucket boy” or “kesseljunges” obsolete words that would come only to refer to that particular point in history when the bucket trade was in full bloom.

Bucket Boy Delivering Beer Growlers

Bucket Boy Delivering Beer Growlers

Today, you may not be able to get a growler delivered straight to your doorstep, but you can stop by Prost Brewing on your way home from the office to pick up a growler that will supply you with a generous helping of freshly brewed beer for the whole week.  Prost Brewing’s German style growler has a rubber flip-top that will seal the beer more securely than a regular growler, helping to maintain your beers vitality that much longer.

German Growler with rubber flip-top

German Growler with rubber flip-top

If after reading this article, you are thristin’ for a growler, hurry in today after work for your growler to take advantage of Prost’s 2 for 1 growlers deal offered only on Monday’s.  You will also get a growler card that will be double punched, further luring you into becoming a Monday regular who always orders up their weekly growler.


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