At Prost, No Choice But to Order Like a German

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March 22, 2013 by Prost Brewing


In Germany, beers are rarely defined or referred to according to their brand name.  Instead, German beer is categorized according to its style such as Pils, Alt, Weißbier, Kölsch, or Dunkel.  In Germany, every brewery makes several beer styles, and a brand may come to signify a brewery’s particular interpretation of a certain style, while keeping the defining characteristics of that beer style intact.  Thus, different from North America, you can rarely choose a brand when you order a beer in Germany.  Instead, you order a style, and know right from the name what generally to expect, regardless of the brand.

If you order a Pils, you can expect the same racy, edgy Pils no matter what brewer made your Pils.  Similarly, you can count on that Doppelbock to have its characteristic exceptional maltiness, dark color, and an underlying strength that makes it one of Germany’s strongest beers.

While some styles can be hard to find in certain regions, most German styles are widespread across the country.  Of course, you might not be able to find every style everywhere you go in Germany.  Just as wine may be specific to a certain region, German beer styles are often associated with a specific region where they initially originated from, and where they are often most popular.  

When you order a beer at Prost Brewing, you will do as the Germans do, ordering one of the same traditional German brews you might find in any German beer hall, biergarten, or traditional German restaurant.  In a time when beer exists in every flavor combination one can dream up from chocolate to pears, having a traditionally made German beer that speaks of the quality of the recipes accrued from centuries of trial and error is a true luxury.  When you order your style of choice at Prost, you are not just subscribing to a brand, but to an entire culture of beer drinking that has developed over centuries.


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