The Taste & Aroma of Green Gold


March 18, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Hop Fields in Hallertau, Germany

Hop Fields in Hallertau, Germany

In Germany, the females flower “seed cones” of a hop are often referred to as “green gold,” signifying both their cultural as well as their economic value.  While hops have been used for 5,000 years as a medicine, to produce paper, for use in pillows as a sleep aid, and even as an ingredient in salad, hops are not documented to have been cultivated until the 8th century.  They were first cultivated in Germany, in the Hallertau region located in what is today central Bavaria.  Furthermore, the first description of the use of hops in beer dates from the 12th century, and was also from Germany.

From the 12th century though the 16th century, the use of hops in beer gradually spread across Europe, replacing the formerly used “gruit.”  As the hops were spread, it did not take long for cultures to come to embrace the hops for their antibacterial properties that favored the activity of the brewer’s yeast, made the beer less prone to spoilage, and offered an appealing taste and sensory profile that balanced the malty sweetness with the hop’s characteristic bitter tang, and offered a bouquet of pleasing aromas for the nose.  Overall, the use of hops increased beer drinking, making it a staple in many places where a freshly brewed beer was often safer to drink than water.

Centuries later, the region where hops were supposedly originally cultivated is now the largest hop growing region in the world, producing around a third of the world’s supply.  Most of the hops from this region are of the classic, noble variety, ideal for making a traditional German Pils such as the Prost Pils.  The well-hopped Prost Pils is made with noble German varieties that offer a medley of spicy and herbal flavors that you can taste with your first sip and that linger through the finish, making for a pleasant experience from start to end.  Come on in to Prost Brewing for the opportunity to taste and take in the aroma of what Germans hold to be “green gold.”

Fields of Hops in Hallertau, Germany

Fields of Hops in Hallertau, Germany


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