David Boone’s Journey Continued: Letting Go of a Dream to Gain a Family

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March 11, 2013 by Prost Brewing

With so much experience, David strongly toyed with the idea of starting his own brewing company.  However, before this dream was able to manifest, David was invited to join the Prost Brewing family.  Offering an opportunity to work with Bill Eye, one of the most highly regarded brewers in the industry, David jumped at the chance, diving in head first without any deliberation.

David is able to communicate the importance of the quality craft beers at Prost through staff trainings, beer tastings and beer dinners, on-site promotions, and in festivals that center upon and include Prost’s beers.  David’s work is critical in conveying the image and philosophy of Prost Brewing so that more people might become familiar with Prost’s quality practices, requiring David to be very particular in the way in which he chooses to represent Prost Brewing.  At Prost, David gets the chance to show off some of the best “bier” in Colorado, in a manner that is eloquent, allowing the taste and texture of the beers to speak for themselves.  As David says, the Prost Pils is the best German Pils he has tasted, in the U.S. and maybe even in Germany, making his job in promoting such a beer as easy as pie.

With eloquence and a grin that speaks words, David communicates those aspects of Prost Brewing that are most intriguing and special to him.  At Prost, David is growing more than a set of skills.  He has become a part of a growing family of beer lovers that recognize the quality of Prost’s beers as well as Prost’s unique devotion to produce beer in a traditional German fashion.


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