The Tale of David Boone: Following Passion, Ending in Success

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March 8, 2013 by Prost Brewing

David Boone, VP of Sales & Events

David Boone, VP of Sales & Events

When you first meet David Boone, the Vice President of Sales & Events at Prost Brewing, you will probably notice the large, toothy grin that he wears during most of his work day.  Even if he tried, it would be hard to wipe the grin off of his face that speaks so clearly of his love for his job, and for the quality beer that he gets the chance to share with others through his selling ventures, and his carefully planned events that bring beer lovers together to revel in the quality beer at Prost Brewing.

Once a high school science teacher, David Boone found his real calling when he discovered the never-ending world of craft beer.  David first came upon the world of high-quality, carefully concocted beers while he was attending college at Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado.  As one might expect, Durango Brewing and Phantom Canyon quickly became central to David’s world, opening up a whole new set of beer styles to David that he came to love in no time.  He began to educate himself about beer, discovering the deliciousness of a properly brewed Lager, Saison, or Sour.

As his passion for craft beer grew, David Boone reconsidered his career path, and considered switching over from teaching science to educating adults about what constitutes a quality, craft beer.  Like anyone who chooses to take an entirely new career path, David Boone took a leap to try out a whole new type of life, one that included beer tastings instead of microscope viewings.

In a fairytale-like manner, David followed his passion and it worked out perfectly, providing David with a job that paid the bills and provided more fulfillment than his days in a high school classroom.  For thirteen years, David has worked in every spectrum of the brewing industry, from the inside out.  Within the brewery, David brewed with the brewers, worked to educate his fellow craft beer connoisseurs, kegged, and even bottled.  Outside of the brewery walls, David worked in delivery, as a draft technician, in sales, and in sales management.  Through his dedication and hard work, David eventually found himself in upper management.

With every experience, David developed new skills and knowledge that has now made him a valued asset to any brewery’s team of workers.  His passion for education has expanded to the brewing industry, where he strives to educate people in order to support the creation of a conscious society that acknowledges the importance of quality craft beers.  David’s desire to obtain perfection that at times might be considered a little obsessive makes David’s work seamless and always a job well done.


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