Experience The Perfect Beer Head

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March 1, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Beer Foam Aerial View

It is easy to get lured in by the perfect beer head.  With its frothy, foamy, soft and supple cloud of pillowy white, the “beer head” might give an already appetizing glass of beer an even more appealing look and overall texture.  A good foam can complement the smooth texture of a quality glass of beer, making it more complete, in the same way that a good foam appropriately crowns a cappuccino.  In addition, a beer head may aid in giving off further aromas that may rise up with the bubbles that form the foamy beer head on the top.

The foam that comprises a beer head is produced naturally during fermentation, and consists of wort protein, yeast, and some hop residue.  Some heads are more dense than others, forming a thick blanket that glides its way across your tongue and through your mouth, giving a special scrumptiousness to the beer.

For an introduction to how a good beer head should taste and feel like on your tongue, try the Prost Pils, Prost Brewing’s flagship beer.  It is always capped with a thick, brilliantly white, dense collar of foam, characteristic of a quality Pilsner.  You might also enjoy the award-winning Weißbier, always available at Prost Brewing as well.  As you taste these beers at Prost, you will discover what makes an ideal beer head, noting the texture, stability, and the amount of foam head that forms.

Above all, obtaining beer from a brewery that maintains good brewing practices, such as Prost Brewing, is essential since such practices ensure quality beer that has good foam formation and foam stability.


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