Building Solidarity, Community, and Good Cheer One Beer At A Time


February 25, 2013 by Prost Brewing

One might not picture beer halls and beer gardens as vital spots in building solidarity, community, and good cheer among people within a society, however in Germany, beer halls and gardens have always served communities in doing just that.  No doubt, beer halls and beer gardens may serve other purposes as well, but  it has long been acknowledged, even by well-known sociologists, that beer gardens and halls are vital in cultivating what is known as “Gemütlichkeit” in German lingo.

“Gemütlichkeit” is a situation that is conducive to a cheerful mood, peace of mind, with other connotations of being socially accepted and feeling like you belong.  It is a scenario in which you can may feel cozy and unhurried, and may even come to refer to “public festivity” in the form of a mixture of music, food, and drink.

Beer gardens and beer halls have and do serve as important outdoor drinking spots for anyone and everyone, regardless of background, to enjoy a cold beer on a warm and balmy day.  Thus, from their origin, biergartens have provided a unique opportunity for people of all classes to drink and socialize.  You won’t find tables for two in such settings.  Instead, beer benches are where you and your company may sit, enjoying the company of more than one.

The truth is we may all need more places where we may experience “gemütlichkeit” outside of our homes.  It is a vital tool in cultivating “gemeinschaft” (a.k.a. community, society), providing us all with increased feelings of belonging in this widely expansive modern day world.

Thus, because we all need a little more “gemütlichkeit” in our lives, head to the beer hall and beer garden at Prost Brewing for an evening of “gemütlichkeit,” with quality German beer and good company in a relaxed, unhurried, welcoming atmosphere.  It might just be another way in which we all might contribute to building a better society, one beer at a time.


One thought on “Building Solidarity, Community, and Good Cheer One Beer At A Time

  1. […] come dressed with your Bronco pride on display and share in what the Germans like to call gemütlichkeit (good cheer) that always arises from quality German beer, an abundance of brats, and a group of warm and […]

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