Spring Forth in Prost Brewing’s Beer Garden

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February 22, 2013 by Prost Brewing


It might be hard to imagine in light of the recent snowstorm that swept across the entire state of Colorado, but soon you might just be soaking up the Colorado sunshine in Prost Brewing’s “Biergarten” (Beer Garden), with beer in hand, of course.  The beer garden is German in origin, as you might expect, since it is a part of the authentically German Prost Brewing.

Beer gardens first originated in Southern Germany around the mid 19th century.  They were originally constructed in order to protect the cellars located below the biergarten from the sun.  Chestnut trees and gravel shaded the cellars that had been dug into the ground that lay below, keeping the beer cold all summer long.  Thus, biergartens were vital for the preservation and vitality of beer during the summer months, when the weather was too hot to brew beer.

At Prost Brewing’s “Biergarten,” you might not be able to hide out under a chestnut tree and take in the view of the River Isar, but instead, you can enjoy the Colorado sunshine and a view of downtown Denver that rivals the best of views in town.  Just as in a German biergarten, the beer is flowing and the atmosphere is relaxed.  This year at Prost Brewing, you may spring forth, shedding your winter skin, in order to enjoy this beer drinking oasis in the city.


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