The Secret is in the Glass

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February 15, 2013 by Prost Brewing


The wide-ranging collection of various sizes and shapes of German glassware made for drinking beer are not just for appearance or style.  German glassware has developed over time, gradually leading to carefully designed beer-specific glasses that properly showcases a beer’s most desired qualities.

For instance, the German Weißbier (a.k.a. wheat beer) is traditionally served in a Weizen glass.  Weizen glasses are tall, elegant, and relatively slender, with a narrower bottom and a wide-mouthed top.


This wider top gives room for the thick, fluffy heads characteristic of German wheat beer, and also allows more of the rich bouquet of aromas typical of a Weißbier to be released into the air where they may meet your nose.

The German Weizen glass is just one of the traditional German Glasses served in the classic German Beer Hall at Prost Brewing in Denver.  Prost also serves their flagship beer Prost Pils in an elegant, tall “Pokal” glass, akin to a champagne flute.


If you are especially thirsty, you can have a Marzen beer served in a Maß glass, the official glass of Oktoberfest.


These glasses and more are available at Prost, taking your beer drinking experience to a whole new level that is authentically German.


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