The Birth of the Pretzel


February 11, 2013 by Prost Brewing


While eating a soft, salty, doughy pretzel at Prost Brewing, dunking it into real, German style mustard sauce, as you sip upon a Prost German Lager to wash it all down, you might begin to wonder how such a perfect bread as the pretzel first came about.

While stories and legends abound, most agree that Christian monks were behind this ingenious gastronomic creation.  One story tells of an Italian monk who first baked and handed out the bread to reward those children who said their daily prayers.  Indeed, the pretzel shape may be interpreted as two arms crossed in prayer.

Interestingly, pretzels have been and are still used today in Germany in religious festivals year round, especially near the time of Lent.  Pretzels were even once hidden Easter morning, just as eggs are hidden today.

The pretzel varies by region, coming with various toppings, but are traditionally eaten with “Senf” (mustard), just as they are savored every day in Prost’s German Beer Hall.  If you have not had this pretzel and beer experience at Prost yet, make your way down.  After all, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.  With the Lenten season upon us, pretzel eating is a must in light of tradition.


One thought on “The Birth of the Pretzel

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