Refine Your Good Taste in Beer

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February 8, 2013 by Prost Brewing


Good taste is ultimately what any beer drinker is looking for.  The appearance may be dull, the beer may be too cloudy, or even smell a little “off,” but if the taste is spot on, then most beer drinkers will happily gulp it down.

How do you determine whether the taste is spot on?  First off, use your gut reaction as a good indicator.  To further refine your beer tasting skills, try out one or some of the following considered good measure for a proper beer tasting.

On the first sip, notice malty sweetness or bitter hops.  A German lager typically will present you with both the flavors of malted grains and hops.  The flavor of fresh bread or toast are both possibilities with a German lager such as Prost Brewing’s Dunkel or Marzen beers.

Swoosh it around to satiate all of your taste buds.  See what other flavors you can detect.  Notice if the beer is heavy or light in your mouth.  Finally, notice what lingers.  If you are sipping on Prost’s Weißbier, you might have a tart sensation left on your tongue, in addition to some lingering flavors of banana, vanilla and nutmeg.

In the end, simply paying attention to your beer tasting experience will allow you to refine your good taste in beer.  Head in to Prost Brewing today, and begin to train your beer senses.


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