Prost Brewing’s Two Hardest Critics

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January 28, 2013 by Prost Brewing


Brewers Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter of Prost Brewing
courtesy of:

If you ever get a behind the scenes look at Prost Brewing, or manage to pass by their booth at a local beer fest, you may meet one or both of the people photographed above, smiling faces and all.  These are the faces of the two hardest critics of Prost Brewing’s beers.  These are the faces of the two Prost brewers themselves.

Ashleigh and Bill were both passionate home brewers before they first met at Dry Dock Brewery, where Ashleigh first began to really dedicate herself to learning about beer through volunteering.  Bill Eye saw Ashleigh’s passion and quickly took Ashleigh under his wing, serving as a mentor to her the whole way.

Now working side by side at Prost, Ashleigh and Bill manage to see pretty eye to eye on beer, both willing to put in the extra time and work that it takes to make high-quality traditional German beer as true to style and technique as possible.  Perfectionism runs through both of their bloods, causing them both to be more critical of their beer than most, but also pushing them to continuously challenge themselves to make beer that is one step closer to perfect.


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