Prost to Your Woman Brewer


January 21, 2013 by Prost Brewing

The stereotypical male brewer is losing its validity as more and more young women take to this ancient art.  Determined, intelligent young women, such as Prost Brewing’s Ashleigh Carter, have slowly worked their way into the male dominated brewing world, proving that women, too, can become skilled brewers.

A former math nerd and competitive athlete who played division one soccer, Ashleigh Carter is a young woman with blonde hair and a contagious grin.  Similar to many brewing aficionados, her brewing career began with home-brewing where Ashleigh discovered that a career in brewing combined math, science, and the physicality she had enjoyed in playing soccer.

Brave enough to pursue such a unconventional career for a young woman, Ashleigh decided to pursue the brewer’s path, even if the odds were against her.  More of Ashleigh’s path and her current mentor, dreams, and future aspirations will be revealed this coming Friday, so stay tuned!


One thought on “Prost to Your Woman Brewer

  1. Steven Baker says:

    Congrats Ashleigh! I didn’t know you headed to Prost with Bill. I have to get over there! I love German beer and you all do a fantastic job making delicious beer!

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