Germany’s Regional Beer-Based Mixes

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January 14, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Germany may be purists when it comes to beer, sticking to their old German Purity Law, but they are quite fond of mixing their pure beer with carbonated lemonade, flavored soda, and shots of raspberry syrup in order to make what they call “Biermischgetränke.”  “Biermischgetränke,” which literally means “beer-based mixed drinks,” is omnipresent in Germany, filling beer halls across the country.

Every beer region has its own mixes of choice, combining the most popular beer of the region with a sweet, tart, or sour fruit juice or soda.  Prost Brewing in Denver, offers you a taste of some of these regional mixes, always available at Prost Brewing’s beer hall.

If you are wanton for flavors that extend beyond the normal pure German beer, ask for a mix, and you will be enjoying your German beer with a novel and delicious twist.  If you are feeling creative, make your own mix adding a splash of raspberry syrup to the beer of your choice.  Just ask for “Mit Schuss” with one of Prost’s purely German beers.


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