Never Judge a Beer Solely By Its Color


January 7, 2013 by Prost Brewing

Color is predominant among the observations you may first make when you initially take sight of a beer.  Eyeing it, you might begin to make some conclusions about the beer’s texture, richness, tastiness, and overall quality.  The color may appeal or not appeal to you, luring you in or repelling you away.

Typically, people perceive dark beers to be richer with taste sensations such as nutty, toasty, chocolatey, smokey, and roasted.  A beer that is amber red in color might cause a drinker to expect more caramel flavors.  Furthermore, a pale, straw yellow beer might appear to taste lighter with flavors of grain or bread.

To test these stereotypes, compare and contrast your impressions based upon appearance with your taste buds, as you sip down several of Prost Brewing’s beers that span the rainbow in color.  Start light with a pale yellow Prost Pils followed by a rich golden Weißbier.  Next, try an orange, red Marzen, and finish it all off with a dark amber lager known as Dunkel Bier.  As you will observe, one color does not equal one taste, bringing some truth to the hot off the press phrase, “Never Judge a Beer Solely by Its Color” that reminds us that appearance is not everything.


3 thoughts on “Never Judge a Beer Solely By Its Color

  1. Sheppy says:

    Thank you. I couldn’t agree more. It drives me crazy when people say that don’t like “dark” beers

    • I know, sometimes it is best to respond, “why? what do you like your beer to taste like?” and then explain to them how color isn’t everything!

      • esheppy says:

        Well, I usually open with something like “dark is not a flavor”. Usually, I find that what they don’t like is highly roasted “stout-like” flavors. I point them to a dark doppelbock, or a nice smooth, balanced schwarzbier and they change their mind about “dark” beers.

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