Take Your Beer Drinking To A New Level

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January 4, 2013 by Prost Brewing

No matter how you do it, drinking a tall glass of beer is refreshing and pleasurable.  However, if you take the time to taste, smell, observe, and even think a little about the beer you are sipping down, you may derive even more pleasure from your beer drinking experience.  Here are a few steps to take to take your beer drinking to a new level:

Step 1: Eye it to see more of it’s worth.  Hold beer up in line with your eyes in order to observe the color and foamy head.

Step 2: Give it a whirl so that you will be able to fully take in all of the aromas that are released with a swirl.  Note the degree of bubbly in addition to how the white ivory foam on top maintains itself.

Step 3: Sniff.  As you inhale through your nose, try to identify some of the aromas present in the beer’s slew of smells.

Step 4: Swallow.  The first three steps were just to entice you into taking a slurp.  Before you swallow, let the beer rest on your tongue for a moment in order to fully taste all the beer has to offer in terms of flavors, mouthfeel, and the consistency of the body.

Step 5: Play the Role of the Critic.  This is where you use all of your senses to come to some conclusions on what qualities of the beer you like or dislike.  Speak your opinion to your friends, and see if they have as good of taste as you.

Optional Step: Repeat.


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