Avoid “Dinner for One” this New Year’s Eve


December 28, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Every year around New Year’s Eve, Germans watch the short 14 minute sketch titled “Dinner for One.”  Appearing in 1963, this little skit has been a classic New Year’s Eve tradition in Germany ever since, making the english line, “The same procedure as every year, James” a well-known catchphrase in the German speaking world.

To avoid having a “Dinner for One” type experience this New Year’s, head down to Prost Brewing in Denver to ring in the New Year with a dinner for many served in a German-style beer hall.  Surrounded by German beer lovers, you will feast on traditional German food, enjoy three beers (Pilsner, Weißbier, Dunkel), in addition to a complimentary beer toast at midnight.  You won’t go home empty handed either since every guest will receive party favors to take with them.

Mugfuls of German beer, boisterous drinking songs, and hearty traditional German food will surely make this a “Prosit Neujahr!” (“Happy New Year!”).  It certainly beats dining alone.

To add in another traditional German tradition, watch “Dinner for One” here.


One thought on “Avoid “Dinner for One” this New Year’s Eve

  1. […] Eve traditions, one of which this blog introduced you to the last New Year’s Eve of 2012. Last year, we told you about the German tradition of watching the short 14 minute sketch titled “Dinner for One” originally filmed in the 1970′s. Today in Germany, you […]

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