Gingerbread and Beer: A Nourishing Holiday Tradition

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December 24, 2012 by Prost Brewing

While all of us are familiar with Santa Claus and Christmas trees that originated in Germany long ago, it is less likely that you are familiar with the tradition of pairing gingerbread with beer.  A favorite combination for many Germans today, they like to pair their dark amber “Weihnachtsbier,” a.k.a. Christmas beer, with a well-spiced gingerbread.  The beer is malty and strong with a high alcohol content of 8-9%, just how Germans like their beer in the wintertime.

In Bavaria, winter is known as “Starkbierzeit” a.k.a. “Strong Beer Time,” a time in which the cold weather leaves the body in need of the extra nourishment that a strong beer may provide.  To properly nourish your body this winter, you can get your hands on Prost Brewing’s strong, malty Doppelbock Beer that was especially made for the holiday season.  Pair it with some gingerbread made according to this recipe, and you will be enjoying yet another German holiday tradition.


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