Prost (a.k.a cheers) to the Brewer

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December 21, 2012 by Prost Brewing

The path to becoming a successful brewer is not easy, filled with endless mistakes to be made, but thankfully these mistakes parallel the occasional breakthrough.  Each breakthrough fuels a brewer to take action to keep refining their art in hope of producing an even better beer.

Bill Eye, the brewer at Prost Brewing, admits to having made a million mistakes in his brewing career.  While they may have led to minor setbacks, in the end, they have allowed Bill to learn and progress in the art of the brewing.

As Bill will attest to, “There is no one secret to making good quality beer.  You must pay attention to every little step in the process.”  It is through attention to detail, matched with a level of knowledge of German beer acquired over years and years of pouring himself into his passion, that Bill even has the ability to fathom producing the types of beers he does today.

Next time you are at Prost, toast to the wonderful creations that come to fruition from such passion and devotion.  Prost (a.k.a cheers) to Bill the brewer and go shake his hand if you see him walking about, smiling and with a twinkle in his eye as always.


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