Prost’s Brewer Revealed

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December 17, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Brew TermIn 1990, Bill, the brewer behind Prost Brewing’s beers, began brewing beer as a hobby.  Kegs later, his passion had expanded so much that Bill considered brewing school.  He attended in 1996, refining his art.  Following graduation, Bill participated in an apprenticeship at Tabernash where he learned how to make the famous German wheat beer known as Weis-beer.

Before German beer entered into Bill’s world, he spent his younger years drinking the domestic beer omnipresent in American refrigerators and barbecues.  Old Chicago, the well-known sports bar chain, presented Bill with his first beer outside the domestic beer bubble.  His first sips of a yellow Giraffe Lager from Denmark presented Bill with the idea that foreign beer had an entirely different taste profile.

Next, Bill took to the road in search of new flavors, textures, and fizz to light up his imagination and get him back to his brewing lab to experiment further.  For his honeymoon, Bill took a trip to Germany that would have an important impact upon his beer-making journey.  Just as an artist may get inspiration from a particular genre of art, Bill found his inspiration in German beer.  It made sense to him.  The clean, crisp, precision of a German beer that contains a fair bit of malt as well struck a heart chord with Bill.

This trip was followed by many more.  Each trip unveiled more of the German brewers’ secrets that Bill carefully held in safekeeping until he had the chance to put them into action.  The chance came to him with the origination of Prost Brewing in Denver.  He took it, and has been brewing the German Classics ever since.

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