Regional Maltiness & Hopiness

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December 10, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Germany’s extensive beer making history has produced a rich regional beer making culture that offers different tastes, colors, and appearances of every fashion.  With just a little bit of knowledge of the basic differences between Germany’s beer regions, you will begin to taste each of Germany’s unique regions sip by sip of beer by beer.

Terroir and culture intersect in each of these regions bringing to the table a completely unique beer.  As you travel from the North to South, the beers become maltier.  Moving along in the opposite direction, from South to North, they typically contain more hops.  Bavaria, the southernmost state in Germany, has the greatest variety, with beers that differ widely in color, strength, and clarity.

At Prost Brewing in Denver, each beer provides a new window into a different region in Germany, allowing you to take a sensorial vacation to Germany without ever getting in a plane.  Of course, such delicious beer might very well inspire you to desire that vacation to Germany anyhow.  Until then, Prost will provide you with a mini-vacation powered by your senses.


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