Maß: A Beer Hall Staple

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December 7, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Maß is the Bavarian word referring to the famous one liter mug that is commonly known as a beer stein among many English speakers.  This glass drinking vessel is an intrinsic part of the German beer drinking experience, filling beer halls and beer gardens throughout the country.

The glass also comes with a calibration mark that indicates the point to which the beer must fill the glass in order to be properly served.  In Munich, any beer that is served below this point may be considered fraudulent by a group known as the “Coalition Against Fraudulent Pouring.”

On the outside of the glass, there is normally the emblem of a particular brewery.  Prost Brewing in Denver has brought this tradition to the Mile High City, complete with the “PB” symbol placard on the front of each Maß.  Now you can order any of the Prost beers served in this mug.  Just ask for a “eine Maß” for your one liter mug.  It will be good practice for next year’s Oktoberfest.


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