The Prost Pils: Secrets Behind the Treasured Beer

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December 3, 2012 by Prost Brewing

As Prost Brewing’s head brewer, Bill, will tell you, there is no one secret to making good beer.  Every step must be considered and different ingredients must be experimented with.  In the case of Prost’s flagship beer, the Prost Pils, every ingredient used and every step in its brewing process has been taken into account.

The yeast is a special strain of yeast from a German monastery, tried and tested by the monks themselves.  The spicy hop flavors that will awake your taste buds come from the noble varieties of hops that have been prized for their unique flavor contribution to Pilsners since the beer’s origination.

The Prost Pils is a crisp, pale-golden, dry interpretation of the Pils.  A glass of Prost Pils will surely contain a thick, perfectly white, collar of foam that will roll across your lips and tongue, followed by the unique herbal finish so characteristic of those noble hops.

At Prost Brewing, the Prost Pils is a true classic to be treasured.


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