Prost to Pils: The Nobly Hopped Beer Once Brewed in Caves

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November 30, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Few may know the story behind the creation of the Pilsner beer.  Its origins lie in the ancient city of Pilsen, in what is now the Czech Republic.  Before the invention of the Pilsner, this ancient city depended upon mainly top-fermented beers of variable taste and quality.

In desperation, the city hired a Bavarian brewer named Josef Groll that brought the new Bavarian method of brewing beer with bottom-fermenting yeasts and of aging the beer in cool caves.  Combining the Bavarian method of brewing with new pale colored malts, the soft water of Pilsen, and the Saaz noble hops led to the creation of a clear, golden beer that quickly became the sensation in all of Europe.

Now, the Prost Pils is the sensation in all of Denver.  To learn why, stay tuned.  On Monday, some of the secrets behind Prost’s Pils will be revealed to Prost’s most devoted followers.


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