Prost to Weißbier: The Health Beer

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November 26, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Served in a tall, slender glass is a light, golden-hued bubbly beer with a thick, white, creamy head that cannot go unnoticed.  This Bavarian specialty, known as Weißbier, has flavors of banana and clove that make this beer unique in its flavor profile as well as its appearance.  These unique flavors are a magnificent result of the harmonious interplay of the trace flavorful elements produced by the brewer’s yeast that is left unfiltered in a traditional Weißbier.

This flavorful beer is actually quite healthful as well, filled with an abundance of minerals, and B vitamins that will give you a boost of energy and help to counteract the natural stripping of B vitamins that may occur with a night out drinking.  This life-giving elixir is made best at Prost, where the head brewer, Bill, has produced award-winning Weißbier the last three years in a row.  Now, both health nuts and beer lovers alike can prost (a.k.a. cheers!) with a tall, sleek glass of Weißbier.


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