Follow That Cart on Black Friday!

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November 22, 2012 by Prost Brewing

After you have shopped till you are about to drop this Black Friday, head over to Prost Brewing to recoup over a refreshing German style beer or a homemade soda from the Food Truck known as “Follow That Cart.”  “Follow That Cart” is a modern, mobile soda fountain equipped with a spunky, creative line-up of homemade syrups made from any and every vegetable, herb, or spice you can imagine.

The truck will be parked in front of Prost from 12pm Friday to 12am Saturday, just waiting for thirsty shoppers.  In addition, you may grab a bite of one of their hearty, warm homemade soups or a hot-pressed sandwich with all the fixings.  Prost also serves the classic German pretzel topped with big flakes of salt and served with a dipping sauce.

Crisp, refreshing beer and sweet and tantalizing homemade sodas alongside an array of foodstuffs will provide for the perfect recoup after your Black Friday shopping.  Hope to see you there bright-eyed and bushy tailed!


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