Give Thanks to the Germans for American Beer

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November 19, 2012 by Prost Brewing

When our nation was still very young, just beginning to brew its own beer, the English tradition of making beer was the most common.  This method employed yeast that floated on the top of the vat.  This method did not work with our climate and our smaller vats, producing beer that was ill-tasting, cloudy, and without sparkle.

This problem was not solved until the German immigrants brought their methods of beer-making to America.  Using yeast that sank to the bottom followed by aging the beer in a cool room, produced a beer that was not too bitter, unlike its English counterpart.  From the 1850s onward, this German “lager” beer became the fashion, supplying every family dinner table.

In today’s culturally diverse beer world, German beer is still among the most popular.  Hundreds of years later, breweries like Prost Brewing are still creating beers according to the traditions of the Germans.  As you drink your German beer this Thanksgiving, sing out your thanks to the Germans who brought America good tasting beer!


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