One Last Cut of Beer

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November 5, 2012 by Prost Brewing

You have been drinking all night with a group of friends.  You finish your beer and look around to see that your friends still have glasses half-full.  You don’t want to sit empty-handed, but if you order another beer you know you will drink it, regretting doing so the next morning.  What to do?

Prost Brewing has brought the answer to the table, literally.  At Prost, you can order a “schnitt,” which translates from German to English as a “cut.”  This is a half-pour sold to you at half-price.  You can sip at this half-sized final pour while you wait for your friends, or even take a little bit to go.

Now that you are in the know-how and have a German beer word in your vocabulary, head down to Prost Brewing and try it out.  You will impress your friends, avoid drinking more beer than you can handle, and will save a little money as well.


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