Only in Düsseldorf…And Prost

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October 26, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Altbier, the beer from Düsseldorf

The Germans are rightly proud of the lager beer that has conquered the world.

It was a child of the industrial revolution and it brought brewing into the scientific age. Many technical processes and engineering feats made lager brewing possible. But what was made beforethe lager jagernaut? The Germans made ale, and three of them have survived to today.


At Prost we always have Weißbier, one of the surviving ales and next week we will tap our Altbier, another ale from Germany. It is light brown with a clean crackery malt flavor followed by a swift hop kick. Düsseldorf, Germany is where it is brewed and thanks to a couple of wars and fierce rivalry with neighboring Köln, the lager revolution swept by without changing the local brew.

Alt simply means old in German and it is simply named this to signify the old way of making beer. Sitting in one of the Altstadt pubs drinking Altbier 25 centiliters at a time in a straight-sided glass is something every beer lover should experience.

Or, save the plane fare and head to Prost.


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