An Exclusive Taste of the Best of Germany’s Terroir

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October 22, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Just as wine has terroir, so does beer.  Similar to how the flavor of a wine is affected by the climate, soil, and yeast among other factors, a particular beer is the product of a slew of elements.  A good brewmaster will scrutinize over each of these elements, tweaking here and there until they obtain a beer with the exact flavor profile they are looking for.

Both the yeast and malt used at Prost Brewing were specifically chosen from a particular part of Germany that had the elements of German terroir that have produced some of the best beer in the world for centuries.  Thus, you are not only getting to taste German terroir in Prost’s beers, you are sampling the best of Germany.

In the end, you have beer that is the direct result of a skilled brewmaster from Denver along with some of the best ingredients Germany has to offer.


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