A Trek for the Finest Holy Beer in Germany


October 15, 2012 by Prost Brewing

Every year flocks of people make their way to a millennium-old Benedictine Andechs Monastery just outside of Munich.  They trek up the sacred mountain known in German as the “Heiliger Berg,” their mouth’s watering for something else besides the holy water that can be found in the main church.  This pilgrimage is made in order to arrive to a 3,500 seat beer garden that serves monk-brewed beer that is considered to be one of Germany’s finest.

Keen on producing a truly authentic German brew, Prost Brewing obtains its yeast from this famed monastery.  Since the yeast is critical in producing a particular flavor profile, using a yeast that comes straight from Germany ensures that the beer that is produced at the brewhouse of Prost Brewing is authentically German.  It is this attention to detail with every ingredient used that makes Prost Brewing more authentically German than any other brewery in Denver.


2 thoughts on “A Trek for the Finest Holy Beer in Germany

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