Prost Brewing’s Table for the Regular, Most Devoted Beer Lovers

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October 1, 2012 by Prost Brewing

A first timer to Prost writes:

“My first time at the Prost Brewing, I was greeted with a pint of their Octoberfest beer and taken back to the ‘regulars’ table’ known in German as the “stammtisch.”  As I swung my head back, letting the slightly crisp, not too bitter, light orange tinted beer flow across my tongue, Bill the head brewmaster explained to me the unique tradition of “stammtisch.”

Although originally used in Germany to exemplify social status or association with a particular group, it now holds a much less formal denotation.  At the “stammtisch,” a group of friends might play cards, socialize, or have political and philosophical discussions amidst pints of frothy yellow or orange German beers.

In the past, this table might be reserved with a rather elaborate sign that was placed in the middle of the table.  At Prost, you will find a cut out layer of a tree-trunk with the German “stammtisch” placard upon it.  As, I continued nursing my Oktoberfest beer, I felt an air of privilege and acceptance at being allowed to sit at such a table.”


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